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Walker Family Law are specialist divorce solicitors, qualified to guide you through the divorce process with compassionate and practical legal advice. 

Divorce is a difficult and emotional time for everyone involved. It can be overwhelming to navigate the legal process, manage your emotions, and make important decisions about your future. As leading family law experts in the Southwest, our team are uniquely equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to provide you with the best solutions. Our dedicated divorce solicitors will be by your side every step of the way to ensure your rights are protected and to help you achieve the right outcome for your situation. 

What happens during the divorce process?

When it comes to filing for divorce, you have the option of a sole application or a joint application, and our expert team is adept at handling both.

Joint application: This enables a couple to apply for a divorce together, providing an opportunity for both parties to mutually initiate the process. This application method was introduced as part of the landmark ‘no-fault divorce’ law that became effective on 6th April 2022 in England and Wales. It acknowledges that the decision to start divorce proceedings, though difficult, can be made jointly, facilitating a more amicable dissolution of the marriage. 

Sole application: Thisis made by one applicant and is served to the other party, who can then submit a response. The person initiating the process is referred to as the applicant or sole applicant, while their spouse or civil partner is referred to as the respondent. 

Whether filed jointly or by one party, the divorce application must include a statement from either the applicant or both parties confirming that the marriage has irretrievably broken down. This statement serves as proof of irretrievable breakdown, and upon acceptance by the court, grants the applicant (or both parties) entitlement to a divorce. 

If you are the respondent, then it is important to note that you will not normally have the opportunity to defend the divorce. If you have any questions as the respondent, we are here to assist you. 

Once the divorce application has been made the divorce will then proceed in two stages:  

Conditional Divorce Order: The court confirms that the applicant is, or the applicant and respondent are, entitled to a divorce. 

Final Divorce Order: This brings the marriage to an end. 

The initial stage consists of a twenty-week ‘period of reflection.’ This period allows the couple time to contemplate their decision to divorce and offers an opportunity for reconciliation if desired. Following the completion of the twenty-week period, the applicant(s) may inform the court of their intention to proceed with the divorce application. Subsequently, the court will issue a conditional divorce order. 

After six weeks have elapsed from the conditional order, the party or parties for whom the conditional order was issued may notify the court of their intention to finalise it. However, it may be advisable to wait until financial matters have been resolved before applying for the final order. Where the court receives a notice, it will make the conditional order final, if it is satisfied that no reason exists to prevent them from doing so. 

Navigating divorce with ease

Our goal is to make the divorce process as smooth and as stress-free as possible for you. Our divorce solicitors prioritise listening to your concerns and understanding your goals, recognising that each situation is unique. Whether it be property division, child arrangements, or financial settlements, we will handle all the legal aspects of your divorce so that you can focus on taking care of yourself and your family. 

Our resolution-focused approach prioritises finding common ground and reaching a fair settlement outside of court wherever possible. We firmly believe that resolving matters outside of court can save time, money, and emotional stress. 

When an out-of-court resolution is not feasible, we are expertly equipped to represent you in court to achieve the right result, our lawyers are skilled advocates and negotiators. 

As specialist divorce solicitors, Walker Family Law also offers a free, monthly Divorce Support Club. The aim is to provide you with emotional support that goes beyond our legal expertise. Through our partnership with specialist Divorce and Separation Coach Claire Macklin, we offer a range of valuable resources including high-quality webinars, informative newsletters, and practical tools that are designed to support you through your divorce. 

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