Child Arrangements

At Walker Family Law we specialise in legal matters concerning children. We provide advice and representation to all members of the family whether you are a parent, grandparent, guardian, another family relative or friend. We are committed child law solicitors, dedicated to guiding and advising you on the most suitable strategies to achieve fair and workable child arrangements. 

Child law solicitors

Child arrangements can be one of the most challenging aspects of a divorce or a separation. Walker Family Law specialise in legal matters concerning children, including relocation, grandparents rights, international child contact, international child abduction, child arrangement and private law orders. 
Our expert team of child law solicitors will help you navigate the process with clarity and confidence. 

Disputes concerning childrencan present parents, family members and courts with some of the most challenging and serious decisions of all.  

When looking out for your child, you need looking after too. Our Child Law Solicitors are here to help and listen. We will always treat your case with professionalism and compassion. We offer a tailored, empathetic approach to support your circumstances.  

No case involving children is too complex for us. Whatever the issue, you can count on us to be present and available when you need us most providing individual advice to your situation.  

Internal and international relocation: Where one parent wants to move with the child/children from their current home within England and Wales or outside of the jurisdiction and the other parent does not agree. 

International child contact: Where one parent or family member lives outside of the jurisdiction and contact may involve the child/children travelling to another country to see their parent. 

International child abduction: Where one parent removes or attempts to remove a child/children unlawfully from the jurisdiction. 

Child arrangements: Where a child should live and how much time they should spend with the other parent (if no agreement can be reached this may need to be set out in a Court Order). 

Enforcement proceedings: If, for example, Court orders are not complied with by one party. 

Other Private Law Orders: Such as Prohibited Steps Orders – Prohibiting a parent with parental responsibility from removing a child from England without the other parent’s consent) and Specific Issue Orders – Regarding what school a child shall attend or if a child should have certain medical treatment). 

Domestic abuse: Non-Molestation Orders (to prevent someone pestering, intimidating and harassing you or your children) and Occupational Orders (to enforce, declare or restrict rights on an interim basis as to who can occupy the family home until final orders are made). 

Grandparents’ rights: Special Guardianship Orders or Child Arrangements Orders where appropriate. 

Parental Responsibility Orders and Agreements: This covers all the rights, duties, powers, responsibilities and authority which by law a parent of a child has in relation to the child and their property. 

Public Law Matters including Local Authority involvement: Care proceedings where the Local Authority issues proceedings in relation to a child/children and places the matter before the Court to determine where they may live on both an interim and final basis.  

Adoption: Including step-parent adoption. 

Wardship: Refers to the legal process of making a child a ward of the court. This means that the High Court can be appointed as a child’s supreme legal guardian to ensure their safety and protection in certain cases that require it. 

Child Law Solicitors specialise in court proceedings predominantly under the Children Act 1989 but also to include the Adoption and Children Act 2002, the Family Law Act 1996 and the Children and Families Act 2014. This is the main legislation which sets out how the law operates in this area. 

Our expert team of Child Law Solicitors will help you navigate the court process and different types of hearings with clarity and confidence. They can explain rules of evidence and the role of CAFCASS within Children Act proceedings. Advice is given on a bespoke basis as each case will be different dependent upon its circumstances. 

Why Choose Walker Family Law

Our Child Law Solicitors can guide you through the process with understanding, care and reassurance, secure in the knowledge that our experience and expertise manage the sensitivity and emotions surrounding these situations. We are always mindful of the children’s best interests. Our Child Law Solicitors assist families in resolving issues, aiming to do so without the need for court intervention whenever possible. If Court proceedings are necessary however, we will advise you fully throughout and ensure effective representation at any hearing. 

The Law Society’s Children Law Accreditation is a recognised quality standard for practitioners representing children in children law proceedings. Our senior Child Law Solicitors are accredited, and all junior solicitors are also expected to obtain accreditation as soon as is practicable.  

Our Child Law Solicitors are trusted professionals and Resolution members who are committed to promoting a constructive approach to family issues that considers the needs of the whole family. They will be honest with you, treat you with respect and without judgement. They will explain all the options and give you the confidence to make the right decisions which includes understanding and managing the financial and emotional consequences of any decisions you make. They will help you focus on what is important in the long-term and assist you in balancing the financial and emotional costs alongside what you want to achieve as a final outcome. They collaborate with others to find the right approach and best solutions for you, managing stress in an already challenging situation with a cool, calm, and collected demeanour. They seek to reduce any conflict and confrontation and act with honesty, integrity, and objectivity. Our Child Law Solicitors continually develop their knowledge and skills through ongoing training and are dedicated to continuous learning. 

We provide support to litigants in person (individuals representing themselves in court) and vulnerable clients, including victims of domestic abuse, individuals with learning difficulties or disabilities, and those facing mental health challenges. 

We can assist in assessing whether you would be eligible for legal aid. If you are eligible an application will be made on your behalf.

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