Max Harding



Prior to joining Walker Family Law, Max’s educational experience focused on International Law and Human Rights. He obtained his LLB at The Hague University in the Netherlands, and his LLM at the University of Bristol. He is now focusing on family law whilst he studies for his SQE. He aspires to qualify as a solicitor and mediator.

“I want to work in dispute resolution and to help people. I also really enjoy the creative problem-solving involved in legal work. I love that I get to provide even a little reassurance to people who might be going through a tough time. It might be scary to call a lawyer but contact us and we will do our best to help. I am also very grateful to be surrounded by very talented colleagues. The team is incredibly kind, patient, and supportive.”

Spare Time

In his spare time Max enjoys boxing, weightlifting and learning about dinosaurs. He also volunteers for the Woodland Trust at Yonder Oak Wood.

“In 2021, I helped to raise over £3,000 to buy medical equipment for Indian hospitals when the country was struggling with soaring Covid cases. I also raised money for PROJECT:TALK, a Bristol-based charity pioneering mental fitness. (”

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