Abby Cribb

HR Manager

Abby Cribb is the HR Manager at Walker Family Law.

Background and Expertise

Abby has worked for the firm for over 4 years in various departments, and now sits on the Management Team within the role of HR Manager. Over the course of her career, Abby has held a range of roles mainly within the Client Care field. During her time with the firm, she has been able to develop a range of different skills including client relations, management, relationship building, training and team leadership. All of these skills are important for her role as HR Manager. She specialises in people management and thrives on people development. It is important to her to be able to develop strong working relationships in order for her colleagues and the business to succeed.

Spare Time

Outside work Abby serves as a Trustee of the Children’s Alliance Charity, which focuses on helping to give children the best start in life, with a particular focus on their physical and mental well-being during the crucial early years of development. They are advocating to see a Minister of Children appointed into the Cabinet. This is a big goal but Abby strongly believes in securing a bright future for children and recognises the urgent importance of having their voices represented at the highest level.

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