The Divorce Support Club launches Podcast

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We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new Divorce Support Club podcast.

The Divorce Support Club, hosted by Claire Macklin – Divorce Support Coach, and our team of solicitors that take turns in hosting the sessions each month, aims to provide subscribers with valuable advice and support on different aspects of divorce. Each session is filled with tips from Claire and advice (legal and general) from the solicitor hosting that month. The Divorce Support Club also welcomes expert guest speakers throughout the year, to give detailed, expert advice on varying topics such as pensions, well-being and building confidence post separation.

“We’re excited to widen our community with the launch of our podcast” said Fiona, head of the divorce team and host of the Divorce Support Club. “Divorce can be a challenging journey in so many ways, and our goal is to provide a support network and valuable resources to help people to navigate their life during and after divorce.”

The Divorce Support Club visits a wide range of topics in relation to divorce including planning your future, supporting your children, self-care tips and more. It is a completely free service and subscribers are anonymous to one another.

The aim behind launching the podcast is to make the Divorce Support Club more accessible. If subscribers don’t have time to attend the live sessions or they need to be able to listen on the go, the podcast is an ideal alternative from the live webinar or the YouTube upload. Subscribers can simply press play, pop their phone in their pocket, and get advice whilst carrying on with their day.

To listen to the podcast, visit our Spotify channel. Episodes are released each month, a few days after the live session.

To subscribe to the Divorce Support Club and gain access to the full resources, please sign up here.