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What follows is a short piece which formed the basis of our Advert in East Devon’s Midweek Herald Newspaper in January 2014.

We regularly advertise in the Midweek Herald because it is a free newspaper that is delivered to homes in Honiton, Seaton, Axminster, Colyton, Beer and Ottery St Mary. It can also be found in Sidmouth. Our main office is in Honiton, although we are also able to see clients by appointment at our branch offices in Exeter and Taunton, so the Midweek Herald is a natural place to advertise. As an East Devon resident, Ian has been reading the Midweek Herald for quite a number of years.

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Ian Walker has been a specialist Family Law Solicitor since 1992 and a Family Mediator since 1996. Ian has worked for Solicitors Practices recognised as amongst the best in the South West. Ian has a long commitment to good Practice and has served as a Member of the Family Law Committee of the Law Society, which promotes good practice and Law Reform. (more…)

There was an interesting case before the Court of Appeal this week which reminded us of how the Court deals with contact cases, where one parent has been abused by the other. The case I refer to is:

M (Children) [2013] EWCA Civ 1147

If you Google the full citation you will find the full judgement.

In brief; Just because a parent has abused the other, doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t see their children, or rather doesn’t mean that there is value in the children seeing the abusive parent within a format that is safe for the children.

In this particular case;

 The mother ‘escaped’ the family home with the three boys on 5 December 2011. She took up accommodation in a women’s refuge. She had been the victim of significant domestic violence over a prolonged period. The two elder boys had witnessed the father’s physical and verbal aggression towards their mother and (more…)

Don’ts first; here are 10 things not to do;

  1. Don’t use your children to get at the other person. You are both better than that. Remember, you are a role model for your children. They need to see their parents resolving problems in a sensible and constructive way.
  2. Don’t make threats to, or cause harassment to the other person. It will only make things worse. It will take longer and be more expensive to sort things out.
  3. Don’t think you are going to take the other person “to the cleaners”. That’s not going to happen. The law is about fining fair solutions. You will both get a fair outcome. There are a range of “fair” outcomes. There can be different views about what “fair” is, but the “battleground” is fairly narrow
  4. Don’t try to hide money or assets. The chances are they will be found. Your costs and the overall costs in the case will be more. (more…)