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Team Member Briony Phillips helps with the Exeter Bomb

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World War II bomb in Exeter

Over the weekend it was widely reported in the national mediator that a very large – eight-foot – World War II and unexploded bomb had been found in Exeter.

Students and residents were asked to evacuate their homes before a controlled explosion could be carried out. The bang from the explosion (despite lots of sand and trenches and a protective wall) was pretty big and structural damage was caused to various buildings.

Here is a link to a video on the  BBC News

In her spare time our trainee legal executive Briony Phillips is a member of the Dartmoor Emergency Rescue Team. Normally this involves rescuing folk who are lost on Dartmoor – but on Sunday Briony was called to assist with the evacuation.

Below are Pictures from the Sun newspaper showing both the bomb and a group of emergency services workers including Briony (arrowed).

Exeter bomb

We can take no credit for Briony’s efforts in giving up her free time to help others. All we can say is that we are all very proud of Briony’s commitment to Dartmoor Emergency Rescue.

It is important for all businesses to have a corporate social responsibility policy. We have such a policy. We take the view that as a business we fully support our team members doing good things in their free time. Corporate social responsibility can take many forms – and a large part of our business is to be acting for vulnerable children and their parents.

Thank you Briony and colleagues for helping to keep Devon safe.