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Family Mediation in a pandemic

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Family Mediation in a pandemic

Separation and Divorce is a stressful and intimidating process for many people. Ultimately most couples want the process to be amicable and focus on what is best for any children of the family. It is here where mediation can be a particularly helpful process.

Mediation is focused on collaborative problem-solving. It allows couples to come to a solution which they have come to themselves and therefore the solutions can be more likely to work in the long term.Family Mediation in a pandemic

Mediation usually follows the following process:-

  • The Mediator will have an initial session with each party. The purpose of this is to ensure that mediation is the right process for both individuals. The Mediator will also use this session to gain an understanding of the issues to be discussed.
  • Then the parties will have joint sessions with a Mediator who will help the parties to listen to each other’s concerns and narrow the issues at hand with a view to reaching a solution which works for both parties.

Outside of the pandemic mediation would usually take place on a face to face basis. The pandemic has, much like most other things at the moment, forced mediation online. There are benefits to this. For some it can be a much less daunting process when taken place remotely as individuals can joint from the comfort and familiarity of their own homes. Also mediation sessions can be shorter online to avoid ‘screen fatigue’ but this can also mean that the process is much more efficient.Family Law Office shot

Mediation is not just available for divorcing couples it can also be a helpful process for conversations about co-parenting, family arrangements and unmarried couples. It provides a space for parties to speak openly and explore possible solutions.

If you think that mediation could be a useful process for you, Ian Walker has in house mediators who would be happy to provide you with further information.